One of our objectives is to offer our customers in Tenerife and Canarias a quality, efficient and 360 service. SERCATE S.L.U, apart from being a factory that makes detergents and chemical products, knows that offering an excellent service to customers is of utmost importance. For this reason, we are distributors and have partnership agreements to meet our customers’ needs.

Alliance Group - UNIMAC

Alliance Laundry Systems offers high levels of quality, reliability and performance. We are committed to the success of their laundry. Working with us, gives them a global perspective as well as the technology and innovation that allows their large-scale laundry business to be more efficient and rewarding.


C.M. VERODE MANTENIMIENTO, S.L.4 is a company from the Canary Islands that specialises in installation and repair of machinery of the hotel and industrial laundry sectors.

Textile renting

SERCATE offers a linen and textile products rental service to facilitate management of linen and textile products that your company needs and continuous replacement because of damage or loss.

Heleo Group

Grupo Heleo is the Iberian leading group in the distribution of products and systems for cleaning, hygiene and maintenance in the institutional market with organisation and coverage in Spain and Portugal.

Hostelry machinery

Distribution of machinery for the hotel and restaurant sector.